Me during my 3L year. All smiles on the outside, but 20 pounds overweight, losing hair, and suffering from severe anxiety. NOT WORTH IT!

Reason #1: Kidney Stones

When I decided to quit the law a mere 3 months after passing the Bar exam, nobody asked me “why” I had made that decision. Instead, my proclamation to move on to something else was always met with skepticism, judgment, or mockery.

“It’s too early to decide that. You haven’t given the law a fair shot.”

“But you just spent all that time and money on your degree!”

“[Condescendingly] That’s funny.” — A lawyer, obviously.

Interestingly, it seemed that nobody had noticed that I had gained 20 pounds on my petite, 5-foot frame since the beginning of law school. Nobody…

Francesca Chang, (Ex) Esq.

Attorney on a Journey: Ex-lawyer coaching lawyers who want to live their dreams. Living my best life as a paid travel blogger in Post-COVID Taiwan.

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